Amber Heard: first release after trial, Taormina Film Festival

Johnny Depp, new life in the English countryside:

It has been 4 years since he appeared at an event promoting one of his films. The last time was in New York, in Tribeca, when the pandemic was just the plot of a movie. But since then life Amber Heard it was flipped. In many ways. To do this, look at how she sits on stage Taormina Film Festival 2023 Speaking of work, it has a strange effect.

The American actress left her hideout in Madrid to land in Sicily for the film’s world premiere. On fire From Conor Allin. Films in which he starred with Eduardo Noriega AND Luca Calvini. Exactly one year after the closing of the libel case, which became a turning point in his existence. Like her ex-husband Johnny Depp in Cannes, she also takes the stage. They were greeted with applause, and not by the supporters of the star, as she feared.

The plot of “On fire”

Amber Heard plays an American psychiatrist who travels to a remote Colombian plantation in 1899 to treat a sick boy. As the woman attempts to psychoanalyze the child, the tragic events intensify and her “treatment” becomes a race to save the little boy from the wrath of his fellow citizens. And perhaps even himself. Thus, the woman finds herself in a state of war between science and religion. A fight with a local priest who believes the child is possessed by the devil.

Amber Heard

The first public appearance since the trial of Johnny Depp took place in Taormina. A year later, Amber Heard returns, having presented her latest film “On Fire” in Sicily. Where is the psychiatrist who fights everything and everyone to save the child (photo by Getty)

The difference with Aquaman

From the festival stage, Heard explained that from her point of view as an actress, there is no difference between a small independent film and a mega production like Aquaman. Whose second chapter will be out by Christmas. “You don’t make them for the money, but because you love them,” he says, referring to films. “You make them because you love history, you love people, and you want to be part of the experience. And because you want other people to experience it.”

Film about love

Interview to the weekly PeopleOn the other hand, Amber Heard allowed herself to move on to more personal considerations about On fire. “My film is about love,” explains Una’s mother, who is now two years old.

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“This is a beautiful film about the effect and almost supernatural power of love. Talk about the boundaries that love can cross and how it can be created. And the overwhelming power that love has. I don’t want to sound trite, but this is really a movie about love.”


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