Amber Heard presented her new film at the Taormina Film Festival

The last year certainly hasn’t been easy for him Amber Heard. Actress, known professionally for her role as Mera aquaman, rather it is well known lawsuits Legal action against her ex-husband, Starr Johnny Depp. The two met on the sets of the film the Rum Diary, They had a stormy and complicated relationship that seemed like the classic relationship between show business stars, until Amber Heard sued her ex-husband for domestic violence, leading not only to a divorce but a Same for restraining order. Johnny Depp sued his ex-wife for defamation and during a trial – which took place live globally – which took place last summer, Depp was able to demonstrate the baselessness of the woman’s allegations, which caused his reputation to decline. Viewed, while Johnny Depp was finally able to resume his career as an “innocent” man. The trial eventually prompted Amber Heard to leave Hollywood and pay her ex-husband an exorbitant sum: something she did not have the means to do.

So it was widely believed that Amber Heard would be keeping a low profile for a while, away from the spotlight in order to put back together the pieces of a reputation that has been further destroyed by internet freaks. . Instead in these hours the actress will attend the next Taormina Film Festival to present her latest film, in the fire

The actress will travel to the fabulous Sicilian city with director Conor Allyn and her co-star Eduardo Norigo. The presentation of the film – which will be a world premiere – will take place on June 24 at the Teatro Antico in Taormina, the venue designated to host the major screenings of the 69th edition of the Taormina Film Festival, which will take place from June 23 to July 1. Incidentally, the same theater and the same festival will also host the national preview of Maven’s new film, Jean du Barry, starring actor Johnny Depp. The star is unlikely to go to Sicily with his film as he is very busy touring with his band The Hollywood Vampires. Now, however, the presence of Amber Heard may tip the balance to help Depp make a final decision.

Meanwhile, on social media, the first reactions to the announcement of the Taormina Festival have already begun. Among fans of the actress who can’t wait to see one of her new films or, perhaps, to get an opportunity to meet her, are those who wonder why invite a celebrity who has been found guilty of defamation by a court. recognized as such.

What is the movie with Amber Heard about?

From the first official press release we read in the fire is a supernatural soul thriller that sees Heard playing a psychiatrist who takes care of a child at a historical moment in which psychiatry was not yet recognized as an actual science. Established in 1899, in the fire It follows a forty-year-old American psychiatrist as she arrives at a wealthy Colombian farm to help a child whose troubles have led others to suspect that the little boy is actually the Devil himself. While the woman tries to psychoanalyze her young patient, the psychiatrist played by Amber Heard witnesses horrifying and unexpected events that drive her with even greater determination to find a solution to save the child from the wrath of the citizens Is.

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