Amber Heard’s new film “On Fire”: trailer, dates and cast

After the controversy that has engulfed her in recent years, Amber Heard is preparing to return to the cinema with On fire. The film marks the return of the American interpreter to the stage after her affair with Johnny Depp, and will also see several local faces in the cast.

RS Productions in collaboration with Mirari Vos recently announced the release in Italian cinemas of the next On fire. The film is a historical supernatural thriller created by Iervolino and Lady Bacardi Entertainment in collaboration with Paradox Studios AND Films by Angel Oak. Film director also Conor Allin and to look Amber Heard, Eduardo Noriega, Lorenzo McGovern Zaini and Luca Calvani in the cast.

What to Expect from On Fire, Amber Heard’s New Film (Courtesy of Press Office) – VelvetMag

After a warm reception by the public on the occasion Film Festival in Taormina last June, where the world premiere took place in the presence of the director and actors, a cinematic work that marks return to big screen amber heard. In fact, the film appears a year after the end of the process, during which the translator encountered Johnny Depp. So, here’s what to expect.

On firewhat to expect from the return of Amber Heard to the big screens: the plot

To the cinema Amber Heard is Grace, an American psychiatrist called to solve the case of a child with disabilities and possibly possessed in the late 1800s in Colombia. The film takes place in a period when psychoanalysis was not yet considered a science, especially if a woman was engaged in it, but everyone preferred to believe in superstition and evil. During the trip, the woman will be tested not only as a doctor, but also as a person. And in the struggle between science and faith, she will have to find a way to save the child and his family, as well as herself. Below, therefore, is the full synopsis of the film.

On fire Luca Calvani
On fire Luca Calvani in the upcoming new film (courtesy of the press office) – VelvetMag

A A widowed and childless American psychiatrist (Heard) is called to a rich farm in Colombia to solve the case of a sick child (McGovern Zaini). She was contacted by the child’s mother, also disturbed by the increasingly persistent accusations from the local priest and mysteriously unfortunate peasants that the child was the devil. When the doctor arrives, she discovers that the boy’s mother is dead and that the father himself (Noriega) has begun to believe in the possible possession of the child. As a woman attempts to psychoanalyze a very small patient, the nefarious events intensify and her “treatment” turns into a race to save the little one from the wrath of her fellow citizens… and perhaps even from herself as she herself begins to fear that what is happening in the “hacienda” is connected with something terrifying and supernatural.

Trailer and release date of the film

On fire will appear in Italian cinemas from from next September 14. So here’s the next official movie trailer, starring Amber Heard. It remains only to wait for the debut of the film, one of the most anticipated and discussed in 2023.

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