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Ámbito, in the key event for the crypto world

The voices of the protagonists


“If we begin to understand economics as a social and not numerical science, and currency not as an indicator of price but as the means of exchange of value between people, This new monetary system and its technological base that redefines models of trust, can have a potentially overwhelming impact on various aspects of our lives.“, He says Rodolfo Andragnes, president of the NGO Bitcoin Argentina.

“Decentralize aims to accompany the viewer on this journey. Although in this second edition the focus will be more on the way in which Argentines can participate to access decentralized financial services, without banks and global and avoid scams, there will also be others that explore the impact of technology for areas such as art and a final debate with technologists and referents on the impact of decentralization on future societies ”, adds Andragnes.

Financial education

According Emiliano Limia, Press Officer of Buenbit, “We are probably talking about The most important crypto online and free event, with all references in the area. It is a spectacular initiative with focus on educating, which is the most necessary. It is essential for more people to become interested or study related to blockchain technology, with programming, and that this translates into more presence in terms of the workforce. It is key that people get involved, and more and more professionals are needed to participate in the industry so that more people / end users use crypto as a day-to-day tool”.

Miguel Schweizer, CEO of Quantia Capital, explains that “Decentralize will show the advantages offered by these technologies, thus generating opportunities for financial inclusion and social transformation. It is interesting that this meeting can be generated in a virtual way available to anyone who is interested in the world of digital assets, which today are booming, being totally free and without the need for previous knowledge. In addition, it will have the participation of numerous leaders in the field ”.

Economic freedom

For Maximiliano Carjuzaa, Co Founder of Money On Chain, “the time to take charge of economic freedom is now. Decentralize is an excellent opportunity to publicize Dollar on Chain, the Bitcoin dollar enabled by the Money on Chain protocol that allows users to be solely responsible for managing their assets. “

In line with the previous voices, Mercedes Madanire, Product Marketing Lead for Vibrant App, remarks “the importance of the diffusion of the new tools that blockchain technology offers us and that we Argentines gain confidence in the use of new alternatives to protect ourselves from devaluation. In an inflationary context, having the possibility to protect yourself from devaluation by acquiring a dollar stablecoin from the comfort of your cell phone is reassuring ”.

Another of the voices analyzing the event is Marcelo Cavazzoli, CEO and Co-Founder of Lemon: “Until a few years ago you had to be an expert to buy cryptocurrencies. Initiatives such as DecentralizAr allow people to obtain the knowledge to enter the crypto market in a reliable and safe way. These types of activities make the ecosystem grow even more in an environment that pushes towards the adoption of the new digital economy with a focus on the usability of cryptocurrencies.“.

The event will continue tomorrow (see agenda). It can be followed live by ambito.com and for him Facebook Live from Financial sphere.

Those registered in DescentralizAR will be able to participate the following week in different free online workshops where it will be possible learn to open a wallet, carry out transactions, investment possibilities and much more.

The complete DecentralizAR agenda, here

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