AMD Call, the Release schedule of the PS5 and Xbox series, X-Not Affected Corona

153 – The impact of the outbreak of the corona virus continues to spread from a number of industries, including technology. Not a few of the technology company, which is temporarily in the vicinity of their factory, because of the outbreak of the corona.

As a result, a number of analysts also say that the technology is going to go back to the industry this year. There are also predictions that a number of the latest products to be released in the near future, you will experience a delay.

But these forecasts do not apply to the console the latest PlayStation 5 ( PS5) and the Xbox series X. date of the launch of the two consoles is called, is affected by the presence of the spread of the corona.

This was due to Rick Bergman, Executive Vice President, Computing and Graphcis to AMD.

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In a presentation at the event AMD Financial Analyst Day, last week, he said that the launch of the two consoles will be determined in accordance with the schedule originally. Both of the end of the year 2020 will be released at the moment.

Films, the display of the schedule for the launch of the Xbox series, X and PS5.AMD Films, the display of the schedule for the launch of the Xbox series, X and PS5.

“Next-generation gaming console are not disturbed continues to be on schedule (), present in the run-up to Christmas in the year 2020,” wrote slide the.

For AMD, the launch of the console, PS5 and Xbox-X series according to the time schedule, in fact, become indispensable. Therefore, in the second the console with the processing of graphics produced by AMD.

Although the AMD brags, said the planned launch of the two consoles is interrupted, corona, Sony and Microsoft give more information.

So, there is still the possibility of the decision of when both consoles are launched changed.

Summarized KompasTekno from GamerantOn Monday (9/3/2020), both Sony and Microsoft mom is still related information on the console. Including the question of price.

There is a possibility that the spread of the outbreak of this corona effect on the sale price of the console.

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Well, if what has been said is true, the AMD, then the game lovers woo in front of the console, up to the year 2021 Greet. We wait for certainty.