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AMD Instinct MI200 accelerators will really get 128 GB of memory

Ugo Varetto, CTO at Australia’s Pawsey Supercomputing Center, says the center has received $ 70 million in funding that was successfully spent on the acquisition of the HPE Cray supercomputer, dubbed Setonix. Inside it are AMD EPYC Milan server processors and AMD Instinct MI-Next or MI200 HPC accelerators.

Some time ago it became known that AMD Instinct MI200 high-performance computing accelerators can get 128 GB of memory, one of the iron detectives pointed out this. This information is now officially confirmed by the Pawsey Supercomputing Center, which has listed some of the characteristics of the supercomputer.

As stated above, Setonix is ​​based on AMD EPYC Milan server processors. The exact number of copies is not specified, but it is said that more than 200,000 cores are used. Over 750 AMD Instinct MI-Next accelerators will be responsible for accelerating high-performance computing, each of which will receive 128 GB of memory.

Unfortunately, the type of memory used is not indicated, however, it has been reported more than once that AMD Instinct MI200 will be equipped with HBM2e memory, the last rumor about them adhered to this information.

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