Amel Bent: her New Year’s Eve with Patrick Antonelli before returning to prison


An end of the year unlike any other for the singer …

It was believed that the singer was separated from her companion Patrick Antonelli after the latter was sentenced to 4 years in prison, 2 of which were suspended. But it seems that the couple wants to do everything to resist the prison box. On her Instagram account, Amel Bent recounted her New Year’s Eve, December 31, which she spent in the arms of the man of her life but without her daughters Sofia and Hana.

On social networks, she details “7th ‘happy new year’ with my crush, she details. 2nd time that they have not slept with us since their birth. They are happy at Grandma Couscous and us, a little melancholy without them tonight. 

Tried for ” corruption “, ” fraudulent modification of a data system ” and ” fraudulent obtaining of an administrative document ” by the criminal court of Nanterre, Patrick Antonelli received a sentence that her relatives must consider too heavy, forcing them to a forced separation.

In the meantime, Amel Bent takes refuge in the work, concerning the current situation, she admitted: “If I do not express my dismay and my anger concerning the current situation of the artists, it is not by the absence of conviction, well at the On the contrary, she explained. The decisions of the government towards the people who make our culture, our joy, and our pride are unjust and unwarranted. And our world will suffer terribly as a result. But injustice hits so many lives these days- I can’t even complain about my own life or anyone else’s anymore. I see worse than me, worse than the other, with every click. And that’s what keeps me from being indignant for myself. I would like to express my anger, but I can’t… “