Amel Bent with her husband Patrick Antonelli: this surprise guest who moved into their home


This weekend, Amel Bent and her husband Patrick Antonelli and their two daughters welcome a special guest to their home …

Last July, Patrick Antonelli, Amel Bent’s husband, was sentenced to four years in prison, two of which were closed for fraud. By paying a fine of € 100,000, Patrick Antonelli escaped an immediate return to prison thanks to the deferred deposit warrant. The father was, therefore, able to spend the end of the year holidays with his family and will soon have to spend his time in prison.

And everything suggests that he still has the right to stay with his family! This Friday, January 22, 2021, Amel Bent published an Instagram story in which she explains that the happy tribe welcomed a special guest: Lulu, the turtle of her eldest daughter Sofia. ” Tonight no one is sleeping at home … ” the singer wrote in the caption of a photo of her husband who appears to be shirtless and of their two daughters Sofia (4 and a half) and Hana (3). All are lying on the floor and observe their guest of the weekend which Sofia has obviously custody of for a few days.

Very close to her community, Amel Bent then explained that Lulu is also 5 years old … before helping her daughter to place the reptile in her terrarium. ” We put her little pieces of clementine, we filled her little bowl with water, and there you will see, she will come and hide in it  [under a piece of wood, editor’s note]  to sleep. light, we’re going to let her sleep “, then explains the coach of” The Voice “to her little Sofia. Another precious moment spent with her husband and their children!