América Guinart confesses that Alejandro Fernández asked his daughter not to marry

América Guinart recalled that the singer asked her on several occasions to speak with her daughter

Camila Fernández got married last August, however, shortly after Alejandro Fernández confessed that it was not easy for him to accept the marriage of his daughter, who despite the advice he gave her, decided to take the important step with her now-husband Francisco Barba.

” It was one of the most difficult days of my life, but they decided that way and when I was at the wedding, in the church and I saw how happy I was, the truth was I just had to shut up and suck, ” said the singer a few months ago.

However, it is América GuinartCamila’s mother who shared some details of what happened in her family when one of her daughters told them that she wanted to get married:

” Her father did suffer it, I thought he would be like this, and no, I’m very happy, I see her happy and it fills me with happiness, ” he revealed during an interview with the program  ‘Ventaneando’.

And he recalled that Vicente Fernández’s son asked him on several occasions to speak with Camila so that she would wait a little longer before reaching the altar:

” When Alejandro said to me: ‘Convince them to wait.’ I would stop and say to him: ‘Alejandro is very sure that this is what who to do and they are in love’ “. Ensuring that the news of his wedding was shared with the whole family, who were in Puerto Vallarta.

Although at first America was not convinced to support her daughter either, it was the love she saw in the young couple, which ended up pleasing and helping them:

” I said this brings the quarantine, between the confinement, the whole roll, I told him: ‘Cami passing the quarantine, we see.’ And no, they started talking to each other and Alex also started talking about a wedding with Alexia “, he revealed.

This is how Camila convinced her entire family to be the first to arrive at the altar, as she was about to receive her engagement ring, despite the recommendations of the interpreter of “Today I want you.”

” Her father did tell her: ‘Wait, don’t get married right now, you’re very young.’ And she said to him: ‘Well, you got married like that’ “, remembering that America was one year younger when she married Alejandro Fernández.

Finally, Guinart recalled that the singer was convinced of his daughter’s wedding when he took her to the altar, where he saw her immensely happy, so he also decided to share his joy.


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