America. Miguel Herrera in quarantine presumed food of thousands of pesos


With three weeks of inactivity in the football and insulation for the pandemic coronavirus sweeping in Mexico and the world, the Piojo Herrera we found the positive side to the running of the bulls house and shared a video showing off a very luxurious roast of several thousands of pesos.

The technical America, dressed with an apron and gloves, he shared that will spend Thursday afternoon making a roast, ensuring that it is not all bad in the insulation, which have had to meet most of the people in the national territory.

“Of truth that not everything is bad in the running of the bulls, we are following the quarantine, but today we had to make a carnita asada”, she talked.

How much is the meat that he ate Miguel Herrera?

In the video, the Louse presumed to have meat, Black Onyx, salmon and Wagyu, all these cuts for high prices for its quality.

According to the page that mentioned the DT of America, in Black Onyx cutting New York cost 570 pesos by 600 grams, while the picaña is 450 pesos the same weight.

The Wagyu is offered in 950 pesos the 200 grams in court rib-eye, 550 pesos the top sirloinwhile 900 pesos the 600 grams of tenderloin. In salmon, the price will walk in 465 pesos the half-kilo.

Carlos Albert burst to Herrera on the ‘lack of empathy’

When many mexicans live in difficult times for the cuts in salaries and even layoffs in the wake of the pandemic of COVID-19, Miguel Herrera should not boast unnecessary luxuriesaccording to the journalist Carlos Albertwho on Twitter criticized the coach.

“I’m not so convinced of this video that sends The LOUSE HERRERA. Is not the time to boast about certain aspects and less if they are commercial paid. At least demonstrate poor taste and tactless and very little EMPATHY, but this is the Piojito“and that Herrera was not long in answering.

“It is not fit well and I’m not asking to be well with you. I am supporting my friends restaurant I have seen spectacular and today are going through a difficult time. I suggest you investigate before you speak because no one paid me”.

The Eagles lost against Cruz Azul in the last game until the moment of Decommissioning by 2020, after the Liga MX, advised by the Secretariat of Federal Health, stopped the activities by the contagions of Covid-19.

Until the report of Wednesday, 1 Aprilthe positive cases in the country for this disease exceeded thousand 300, 7 thousand 73 suspects and 37 deaths, mainly in the CDMX and State of Mexico.

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