America, without truce before Covid-19; van more than 134 thousand cases in the continent


The coronavirus does not give truce in America, which already exceeds 134 thousand cases on Saturday, while in EU the situation is critical as the new global focus of the pandemic.

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According to the data of the Johns Hopkins University, the US continues to have the largest number of hiv infections in the world with more than 120 thousand cases, followed by Italy with 92 thousand 472 and China with 81 thousand 999. The united states also came in this Saturday to more than 2 thousand 10 victims by the Covid-19.

In the world there are already 657 thousand 691 confirmed cases, 30 thousand 438 deaths and 139 thousand 263 recovered. However with the speed with which the data is updated this information is constantly changing.

In Latin america, Brazil is the highest number of confirmed cases registered with 3.904 and follow the steps in Chile (thousand 909), Ecuador (thousand 823), Mexico (848), Argentina (690), Peru (671) and Colombia (608).


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