American Horror Story returns in September (with Kim Kardashian)

Glamor meets horror in the upcoming season American Horror Story: as announced in recent months, is actually a dark anthology series created by Ryan Murphy together with Brad Falchuk, he is ready to appear on the screens with an absolutely stellar cast, taking his place among the series the most anticipated this fall 2023. First of all, because among the main characters there are Kim Kardashian: social media diva who made her fortune on a reality show about her family (most recently Kardashian on Disney+) and having already ventured into several small TV and film roles in the past, she is ready for her real acting debut. They will be by her side Emma RobertsMurphy’s former muse and trusted actress (and historical figure American Horror Story), as well as the model and interpreter Cara Delevingneanother discussed character of recent years.

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In these hours, we are back to talking about the series because the release date has finally been announced: American Horror Story: Delicacyis the official title of the twelfth season, which will begin next September 20 in the USA on the Fx channel, and will come to us on Disney+ soon after. However, there is an unexpected novelty: fans of the Kardashians and the series will not be able to enjoy all the episodes at once. In fact, it will debut in September. only the first part of the season, as filming and production were interrupted due to the strike of actors and writers that has paralyzed Hollywood in recent weeks. This means that the epilogue of the story will be revealed probably next yearor at least not before the litigation between the writer-actors and the producers comes to a close.

American Horror Story: Delicacy would be the first time an anthology storyline taken from the book: This is about delicate condition Daniel Valentinea novel published last August 1 in the United States in which an increasingly popular actress desperately and unsuccessfully tries to have a baby, suspecting that someone deliberately wants to sabotage her dream of motherhood; even after the news of the abortion, the woman continues to be sure that she is carrying it creature that conveys anxiety. If we already know that this woman will be played by Roberts, then it is not yet clear what role Kardashian will get, even if Murphy assures that showrunner Halle FeifferA funny, stylish and deeply intimidating character was written specifically for her, and this season will be ambitious like no other.“.

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