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American Truck Simulator Download

Many dream of being able to prove themselves behind the wheel of a big truck, traverse roads and wilderness, become a kind of king of the roads. Cross highways, local roads, show up in different cities. In this game, this is the way to go. What’s more – there will be roads, wilderness and cities in the USA. The career of an American trucker is open to you? Make up your mind, get behind the wheel of an 18-wheeled car and move forward.

American Truck Simulator Download PC

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American Truck Simulator is a real treat for all those who love big trucks and American wilderness. In this game you can feel like a real trucker, travel the most important roads of the United States, you can not only become a driver of a powerful truck, but also have the prospect of acquiring and running your own transport company. Get American Truck Simulator Download for free , get behind the wheel of a selected truck and go on a tour of America!

The creators of the game is the Czech studio SCS Software , and the game is based on a proprietary engine. It is worth adding that the aforementioned studio has a lot of experience in creating truck driving simulators. Earlier games, created in SCS Software, include two parts of Euro Truck , and the iconic truck driving simulator, i.e. the game 18 Wheels of Steel . Those familiar with these titles will surely know how realistically they reflect the work of a truck driver and how many hours of exciting fun they can provide. American Truck Simulator is similar. Find out about it, Get American Truck Simulator Download and become a professional driver.

Game trailer – American Truck Simulator PC Steam

Why is it worth downloading this game and playing it? There are many answers, but the most important is the realism of the game. The creators of the game took care of it in many aspects, from the faithful recreation of many American roads to a very accurate reproduction of the details of the most popular American trucks. The original game engine and excellent graphics are the advantages that are noticeable not only from the perspective of highways. The cities are simply delightful, recreated with great care and containing many characteristic buildings. When entering or even approaching a given city, we know exactly where we are. The game, no matter what part of it we judge, is incredibly realistic, so it’s worth having it in your collection and playing American Truck Simulator . You have to find out about it.

From the perspective of the truck driver, what it can move is also important. When it comes to this game, there are a lot of vehicle choices. The fleet of vehicles available in the game is large and includes most of the popular and beautiful American trucks, not without reason called road trains. Driving them is a pleasure, but also a big challenge.

In the game, as in other productions of this type, a kind of career path is possible. We can start as a driver, working for a specific transport company and not always earning a lot of money. Later, we can decide to start our own company, win transport orders, develop the company, including employing many drivers. So there are many possibilities in the game.

All lovers of truck driving simulators should check the possibilities offered by American Truck Simulator. Lots of impressions guaranteed. The game can be downloaded in the full version of American Truck Simulator download . It is worth deciding on it, because the mentioned game is one of the most perfect simulators devoted to this subject.

American Truck Simulator Download – Full Version

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