America’s children is the big winner of the carnival in Rio de Janeiro


A samba school in the United for the children is chosen as the winner of the carnival in 2020 in Rio de Janeiro, after consultation with the Rio Grande and Beija-Flor. The plot chosen was that of the “children of the soul, washed Out, and it was the second time the highest title in the Special group. Check out the best moments of the show for the school, the of 23, to win the competition in the Sambadrome Marques de sapucai in Rio de Janeiro.

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Children Arrow Options
Gilvan de Souza/ Office of the day


So, it was announced that the last note of the last question, gave the victory to the representatives of the school and could not contain his excitement and jumped for joy. “We are washed in the soul,” he said of the carnival Tarcísio Zanon moved to tears in an interview with the TV Globo .

In the early stage of the investigation, it was announced that the United States has lost for the district, one-tenth, for you have exceeded, the number of instructions of the Commission in Front of you. The Union of the island is a tenth has lost, for which you exceeded the maximum time for the parade.

The show

On the boulevard, for the children it was the second school to parade on the first day of the Special, and claimed the title for the best Story in the Standard of the Gold rush. They made their way to sing the Bay and the empowerment of women in the Ganhadeiras Restaurants. One of the reasons triggered by the choice of the school was the ease of communication with the public, because of the ease of understanding of the plot. The Commission is of the front of the red-and-white of the Boulevard led him in a tank of 7 liters, in which a swimmer to swim the audiences in sync with a movement under the water. The opening was a price for the group.

The Competition

During the beginning of the calculation, the school of samba Beija-Flor, the top of the rankings for the League of Samba schools. The Rio Grande remained glued to, and share the second place with the States of the children. However, the question of the “evolution” of the school, was able to overcome the Humming-bird, and tie it with the Great river, and he was able to move away from the other. It was the second-to-last note in the category of “unit”, combines the children landed her the title of ” champion of the carnival in the year 2020 in Rio de Janeiro.