Amici 22, previews of Sunday 12 March

Maria DeFilippi, after the disappearance of Maurice Costanzowent back to work and picked up right where the talent show left off, i.e. from the day before the journalist’s disappearance, the day in which registered the episode that was supposed to air on February 26th and which will be broadcast tomorrow, Sunday 5 March. Yesterday, however, Friday 3 Marchthe episode that will be broadcast on has been recorded March 12 and of which, thanks to the collaboration between the pages of Amici News and Superguida.tvwe are able to give you the previews of what happened.

Before the recording, the production made a request to the audience in the hall on behalf of Maria De Filippi: no one should have shouted when she entered, but only formal applause. Once she entered the studio, the presenter then said: “I go back to work because that’s what they taught me“.

Only guest singer: Francesca Michelin

No external judges. It was their own teachers who allowed the students to enter the evening.

Access to the evening of Amici 22: 15 places for 17 boys

The episode opened with Maria who said that the seats at Evening they were only 15. The boys, however, were 17. Therefore, they were there two eliminations. How was the gold jersey obtained? Just reaching an average of eight with the marks of the professors. We would have gone on to the bitter end until we had all 15 members of the class of Evening. The shirts grabbed earlier? Canceled. All the students got back into the game completely, even performing several times to move on to the next level of the Canale 5 talent show.

After first run they got the jersey: Angelina, Maddalena, Isobel and Federica. These guys therefore performed only once in the entire episode.

  • Second run: Aaron, Wax and Matthias. They have performed twice.
  • Third: Alessio, Piccolo G and Ramon. They performed three times before getting the jersey and had to bring more songs to the stage.
  • Fourth: Samu, Cricca, NDG, Gianmarco and Megan. They performed four times throughout the episode.

After each round or heat, a gold envelope and a blue envelope arrived in the studio. The first revealed the names of the boys admitted to the evening, the blue one announced the arrival of a new group, a new round of challenges-exhibitions and subsequent voting by the teachers.

Eliminated and surprises: here are the names

In today’s registration, the following have therefore been eliminated:

  • Niveo
  • Benedetta who, however, received a professional contract to dance with Mattia thus remaining in the house.

Singing competition: the performances round after round

Voting after voting the different singers of Friends 22, except Niveo, have obtained access to the Evening. Here’s how things went and what the different performances were.

The singers – in the first round – sang all the new unreleased songs.

  • NDG sang that of Dardust’s race which eventually produced it to him. The song title? I want more
  • Clique sang Cursed happiness and not Australia
  • Niveo sang Step by step
  • Angelina sang I apologize my love
  • Federica sang Slide
  • Aaron sang I will take care of you
  • Wax sang Thank you
  • Little G sang It’s normal

The other rounds:

  • Wax sang Tide of Madame
  • NDG sang There was a boy like me who loved the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and later also To forget of Absolute Zeros
  • Little G sang I was thinking of you
  • Niveo sang Fix you
  • Clique sang Grenade And Live me.

Dance competition: the various performances of the boys

What happened instead during the private dance to get the shirt of Evening? Round after round here is what the dancers danced:

  • Gianmarco she danced to the tune of Break Free by Ariana Grande. Then she danced The Loneliest and Two in the Night. The last performance was to the tune of womanizer.
  • Isobel she danced to the tune of Flowers by Miley Cyrus and immediately went to the evening
  • Alexei he has danced All of mea choreo modern then Cake by the oceana hip hop choreo and another choreography to the tune of Viral by Matteo Romano before accessing because he got the shirt in the third round of voting by the profs.
  • Madeleine he danced, for the first round, Monster by Shawn Mandes and Justin Bieber
  • Samu she danced to the tune of There’s nothing holding me back. Afterwards she danced Aldo Rhythm, The soul flies and Cracks.
  • Megan he has danced: What About Us, Can’t get you out of my head and Chernobyl flowers
  • Ramon she danced to the tune of The splendid life by Tiziano Ferro
  • Blessed she danced a pas de deux with Humbert. The latter was the only professional to perform in the episode.
  • Mattia danced a contaminated samba with a doble step. In the rehearsal Tim instead danced a jive to the notes by Blinding lights

Quarrels between teachers and various discussions

Rudy Zerbi would have stopped at the tenth shirt of the Serale and would not have “given away” others. Lorella Cuccarini immediately disagreed saying that if there were 15 seats it was right to take advantage of all the possibilities made available by the production. At this point Zerbi replied that they could have made a new program by giving everyone the shirts and calling it: “The crasher“. Zerbi and Cuccarini are the ones who have bickered the most and Zerbi reiterated that only students with true and pure talent should be admitted to the evening because according to him there is a big difference between talent and ability. However, Cuccarini countered by calling Zerbi inconsistent, who this year seems to have changed his mind compared to last year. In short, some friction has arisen between the two singing teachers. What will happen to the evening?

Other disagreements? Thanks to the thoughts of Ramon and Maddalena, Zerbi was able to underline once again that his colleagues, except obviously Alessandra Celentano, have not taken their responsibilities.

Gossip corner

Megan and Gianmarco kissedto the delight of the fans

Samu and Maddalena appeared very close and accomplices in the episode. Magdalene, having obtained the shirt first, comforted Samu until the end, holding his hand and encouraging him.

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