Amici 22 when the evening starts: the date

Amici 22 when the evening starts: the date

When the evening of Amici 22 begins: soon the appointment with the final phase of the talent show, full of important news

With the last episode of the afternoon of Amici, broadcast on Sunday 12 March, the countdown begins towards the highly anticipated start of the evening of Amici 22. Thus we enter the crucial phase of the talent show, the one that will accompany us towards the election of the new winner of Maria De Filippi’s program. The evening of Amici 22 begins on 18 March 2023, with the first of the appointments that will lead to the final, scheduled for the month of May. As usual, the evening episodes are also recorded and therefore already during the week, thanks to the usual previews, it will be possible to know what will happen in the very first episode of the evening phase of the Canale 5 talent show. There are various novelties in view of this final phase, starting with a completely new jury and continuing with an epochal decision, namely that of taking a student from daytime directly to evening, but as a professional. It is about Benedetta, who, although she did not get the shirt for the evening, will be there in the last episodes of Amici 22 as Mattia’s companion in the pas de deux. For the rest, the list of pupils admitted to the evening of Amici features 8 dancers, Alessio, Gianmarco, Isobel, Maddalena, Mattia, Megan, Ramon and Samu, while the remaining 7 are singers and are Aaron, Angelina, Cricca, Federica, NDG, Piccolo G and Wax. In addition to Benedetta, Niveo also failed to enter the evening at the very last moment, but for him, unlike the dancer, there will be no space in the final phase of the talent show.

Friends 22 new judges

However, the biggest novelty of the Amici 22 evening is represented by the jury, which has completely changed compared to last year. There are no more Stefano De Martino, Stash and Emanuele Filiberto, but in their place we will see three new protagonists. It starts from a true legend of Italian television, namely Cristiano Malgioglio, singer-songwriter, author and extraordinary television personality, who adds to his career also the experience as judge of Amici, a role he held in many other programs, including Tale and Which and its various forms. At the side of the author of Chocolate ice cream we find a great protagonist of Italian music, Michele Bravi, who has already been a guest of Amici in the daytime phase. Winner of the seventh edition of X Factor, Michele Bravi has three studio albums, two EPs and many successful singles to his credit. For Bravi it ​​is a return given that in 2017 the singer was present in the cast of the talent show as a tutor, together with Annalisa and Giovanni Caccamo, while in 2020 Michele Bravi participated, as a competitor, in special friends. Finally, the latest addition to the Amici 22 jury is Giuseppe Giofrè, dancer and singer, also a face from Amici’s past. In fact, the new talent judge won the eleventh edition of the show, together with Alessandra Amoroso and Gerardo Pulli. Giofrè then returned as a professional dancer to Amici and now, after building a great career and having danced together with some international stars such as Jennifer Lopez, he returns to Amici in the new role of judge.

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