Amid rumored Bubba Wallace-Tyler Reddick relationship tension, Michael Jordan shares moment after Talladega

The recently concluded race at Talladega Superspeedway lived up to expectations and became one of the most anticipated races in NASCAR. Notably, it was one of Bubba Wallace’s favorite tracks. With his playoff run hanging in the balance, many expected a big performance from him. So despite rumors of internal conflict between Wallace and Tyler Reddick, the 23XI Racing team has high hopes. However, things didn’t go well. After the race, co-owner Michael Jordan was seen sharing a moment with his fellow racers.

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Rumors of tension between Wallace and Redick have been circulating for some time. Additionally, comments from two incredibly competitive drivers only added fuel to the fire of potentially divisive reports.

Michael Jordan walks the runway after the game


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Teammates Bubba Wallace and Tyler Reddick made some interesting comments ahead of Talladega Night. While Redick has some cushion heading into the next round, Wallace is on the verge of elimination. In order for both drivers to qualify for the next round of playoffs, teamwork is crucial. However, Redick’s comments in the pregame interview screamed “every man for himself.”

Redick said, “I mean, for the most part, you can help yourself by helping your line. If you can get around your peers, or even your teammates, that’s even better.” After the game, Michael Jordan walked onto the track.

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Interestingly, Redick’s comments during the game didn’t help Wallace. Wallace also expressed his competitive spirit and emphasized that he must beat his teammates before games. However, things didn’t go as Bubba expected.

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The billionaire boss was seen talking to his two drivers. The six-time NBA champion first spoke with Redick about the game while wearing his signature sneakers. He was then seen sharing a moment with Wallace.

Jordan put his arm around Wallace and patted him on the back of the head. It looked like Jordan was comforting him after the disappointing result.

Bubba Wallace is not happy


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Bubba Wallace expressed his frustration after the game and criticized Tyler Reddick in his postgame interview.

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Wallace said, “I hated us, hated the No. 45 car, because I told him, when I restarted, not to lift, that we should stay lined up and wrap it around, maybe until the last lap.”

Revealing that Redick went against Wallace’s plan, he continued: “It would be a different outcome. But unfortunately we were too buried to win the game. “


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Despite the disappointing ending, Wallace remains focused. However, the statement further explained the team’s disagreements between the two drivers.

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