AMLO calls to see conference cabinet for health


A day after asked not to leave the house to avoid getting Covid-19, president Andrés Manuel López Obrador he urged the mexican population to see the press conference of the cabinet for health at 19:00 hours.

To monitor the progress of public works in this border city, the representative pointed out that “it still comes the most complicated thing, but in these 28 days since we recorded the first case, we are of the countries with the least incidence, with less problems of infection in the world, rates are lower the of Mexico, of our country, but we cannot sing victory, on the contrary, if we have done that is because we have acted with discipline, with professionalism”.

“Hence the importance of listening to the message today, of the seven of the night and make the case; we can enter into retreat, quarantine and prevent greater evils if we act in time, (but) if we spend the time, as has happened in other parts, it is uncontrollable epidemic”.

The representative pointed out that these pandemics do not heal, only in hospitals, but with preventative actions, and in the case of Mexico, “it is very important to have an institution such as the mexican family, which is the institution most important security of Mexico,” he said


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