AMLO: Passing healthcare crisis is being addressed economy


The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obradorin a special message via twitter acknowledged the exemplary behavior of the “vast majority” of mexicans who have followed the recommendations of the Health Sector and have been at home during the pandemic COVID-19.

In his message, Lopez Obrador, said that it communicated with the governor of Guerrero, Antonio Astudillo Flores, and informed him that the day of yesterday and today the beach of Acapulco was empty and that people were in their homes.

It speaks to Me of close to 100% of people who are not in the street, they are in their houses, here in Mexico City the mobility is minimal and so I have reports from all over the country, that’s why we’re doing well in spite of the sorrows”.

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The president of Mexico also held that Mexico is among the ten countries with the least affected and deaths from coronavirus and that this has to do with the efforts that are making all the mexicans to control the pandemic of COVID-19.

The key is prevention, not the hospitals, is what can we do to take care of us, what is taking place in Mexico to be in our houses, take care of us; Monday we will report on what is coming, what is predicted from the projections of the doctors, the scientists, but most important of all is to continue as well,” said the president of Mexico.

He added that the sacrifices of the mexican people give good results and you are going to save lives and that “there are numbers who lose their lives,” and that any human being who dies “should grieve”.

After that will come the time of the recovery, in the economic field, in the material but what is more important is the humanism, the most important thing is that let us go forward, well, of this health crisis, then we are going to face the economic crisis”, he mentioned.

AMLO: First health, then the economy

López Obrador pointed out that Mexico has many strengths and a people exemplary, and that then comes the recovery of the economy of the country.

“We are giving a lesson to the world with our behavior and we are going to continue communicating, be confident that we are doing things in a professional manner, with a lot of responsibility to protect our people, the main purpose is to save lives, the main purpose is to face this epidemic with less cost and mainly that we can go well, healthy, and then comes the recovery of the economy.”

To end his message, the president López Obrador pointed out that yesterday ended of paying to eight million older adults in Mexico attached to the Pension program for Older Adults, the Federal Government distributed a total of 42 billion pesos.

We distributed 42 thousand million pesos to older adults, which is the most vulnerable population that we want to be at home, that we continue taking care of our adult population to older adults, we are good, we’re going to move forward, encouragement, lots of encouragement”, he concluded.

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