AMLO receives entrepreneurs to listen to their proposals on economy


Mexico city /

In the midst of the economic crisis and health care, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador received to business leaders in the country to meet the proposals of the initiative private to revive the economy.

Minutes before 14:00 hours, arrived at the National Palace of Carlos Salazar, president of the Business Coordinating Council; Antonio Del Valle, president of the Mexican Council of Business; Luis Niño de Rivera, president of the Association of Banks of Mexico, and Francisco Cervantes, leader of the Concamin.

What we are going to present it to the President?

“The same thing that we’ve been telling you of our programs and see how they help,” said Carlos Salazar prior to the meeting.

Reported that at the end of the meeting will give details of what was presented to the President.

The past few days, on numerous occasions, the President mentioned that in the face of this economic crisis, there will be no bailout big companies, no more Fobaproas, has mentioned. In contrast, López Obrador has reaffirmed its position of shielding the most vulnerable sectors, both economically and in terms of health.

If someone is that protect is to the poor, said the President, by which he said that the social programs of his government was maintained, that is to say, intact; while in the economic has announced support for small businesses and for small traders.

However, various sectors of the private initiative have called on the Executive to also receive support or incentives to be able to overcome the crisis unleashed by the Covid-19 and the fall in the price of oil. In this sense, the President has mentioned that there is condonarán taxes; instead, he suggested that you will find that the VAT will be returned more quickly.


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