AMLO shares “This will pass”, is a song to lift the mood before the coronavirus


Tonight, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador shared in social networks the video of the song “This will pass”, sent to the singer Eugenia León and in calling upon the population to keep the mood up before the pandemic Covid-19.

On his Twitter account, Lopez Obrador acknowledged the work of the musicians who, by any contingency, worked remotely from their homes.

“This will pass. So it is called the song that you sent me Eugenia León and that I share with you. All the musicians did a great job of remote, as now used, from house,” wrote the representative.

This Thursday, in his conference in the morningthe President commented that “a friend” had written a song in reference to the situation of the coronavirus.

It should be noted that at the end of the video, the credit of the letter appears to Beatriz Gutierrez Müllerthe wife of Lopez Obrador.

It also reads: “we Continue to strengthen strategy against the coronavirus”: says AMLO


He said that it is not the time for weakness or depression, but that “it is time for fortitude and to say: go forward, having confidence in ourselves and to think of the strength, the greatness of the people of Mexico, of the feats performed by the people of Mexico”.

“In the case of the coronavirus is going well, if you compare it with what has happened in other countries. Of course, it is not yet the time of the analysis, the review, the balance sheet, but there will come a day because, as I spoke to them I of the song that is on his way out, ‘This will pass’, and it will happen”.

Eugenia León is a singer close to Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and has participated with him in various acts, both as a presidential candidate, as later to assume the Presidency of the Republic.

The singer, who won the Festival OTI in 1985, he participated in the closing campaign of López Obrador in the Azteca Stadium where he performed the song “La Paloma”, and has been in various acts of political-musical, called “AMLOFest”.

This is the letter of “This will pass”:

The fear of today, tomorrow will be temperance,
The crying will be hope and evolution
We are on pause, but the love moves forward
At times disastrous inside we grow flowers and compassion

This will pass, this will pass
This will happen
We have the sky intact, and the storm will end
This will pass, this will pass

It is only a matter of time
The music of silence will be reborn
This will happen

What today is uncertainty, it will be smile
and will end this cycle of darkness
Tomorrow will be the walls, come the breeze
and never forget that every second is an opportunity

This will happen
We have the sky intact, and the storm will end
And my heart burning like spikes in the sierra
The earth, it is time to listen

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