AMLO will publish “who’s who” of parties that donate against coronavirus


The president Andrés Manuel López Obrador he called on the political parties to which, in order to support the efforts that are being made to cope with the coronavirussubmit half of their budgets, either in cash or in kind.

He announced that tomorrow, in a sort of “who’s who”, will display in a press conference which parties joined in and what not to this call.

In National Palace, the holder of the federal Executive said that makes this call because it has legal powers and because the political parties are entities of public interest, according to the Constitution.

“I call them (political parties), I make the call. I am sure that we are going to make the case, and this is also what I do in a respectful manner, because this is of independent powers and of political parties. I think it would be good for today, tomorrow, the parties indicate their willingness to deliver or not to exercise half of the less of their budgets”.

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“I make the call, here I’m going to be doing and we’re going to put on display who is who”.

Lopez Obrador asked the political parties that out of the way, but that delivered half of its budget.

He recalled that there is a public benefit in the Secretariat of Healththerefore, if not in money, in kind, donate the equivalent to half of their budgets, “and starting tomorrow, today we’re going to consult, to collect the opinion of each such officer”.

“And tomorrow we will put here on the screen who is willing to provide half of its budget, who is cash and who is kind to the beneficence of Health”.

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The representative commented that does this for the situation before the contingency health and because “I have power to it legally.”

“And also because the political parties are entities of public interest according to the Constitution.”

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