Amnesty International also questioned Argentina for endorsing the elections in Nicaragua and clarified that it does not apply the principle of non-interference

The government of Alberto Fernández endorsed the elections in Nicaragua promoted by Daniel Ortega and received questions from various international institutions
The government of Alberto Fernández endorsed the elections in Nicaragua promoted by Daniel Ortega and received questions from various international institutions

International Amnesty joined the chorus of voices that questioned the Argentine government for its decision to endorse the electoral farce that took place in Nicaragua last Sunday and who crowned the dictator Daniel Ortega again as president, despite having locked up all his political rivals. In that sense, He explained that he did not apply the position of “non-interference” in the internal affairs of another country when it came to human rights..

The prestigious and recognized global NGO issued a statement on Wednesday in which it urges the Pink House to redouble their efforts in the defense of human rights and get involved in the Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS) that begins today and will debate as a central theme the humanitarian and political crisis in Managua.

Facing the 51st regular session of the General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS) that begins today, Amnesty International calls on the Argentine State to put human rights as the central axis of any proposal to rebuild the region and redouble its efforts to end the structures of repression and impunity in Nicaragua”, Says the press release.

International Amnesty He reminded the government and the Argentine Foreign Ministry that the situation regarding the systematic violation of human and political rights in Nicaragua has been undermined since 2018 and that in this case “does not apply“The doctrine of the”no interference”As put forward by the Alberto Fernández administration to avoid speaking out against Ortega and his regime.

The principle of non-intervention in the internal affairs of a State, to which the national government alluded to avoid ruling on the violations registered during the presidential elections on Sunday, November 7, in that country, does not apply to human rights violations and crimes. of international law. On October 20, Argentina had abstained from voting, under a similar argument, a resolution in the OAS Permanent Council that demanded that Nicaragua the “immediate release” of the detained opponents”Said the NGO.

The document, signed by the Argentine branch of the international NGO, remarked that it has denounced for years what is happening in the Nicaragua by Ortega. “Amnesty International has denounced the systematic violation of human rights in Nicaragua since 2018 and the way in which harassment, imprisonment, repression of political dissidence and the lack of access to justice intensified as of May of this year “.


In line with this, the election day was plagued by acts of political violence and acts of electoral coercion, without neglecting that seven of the potential rivals of current President Daniel Ortega could not compete because they had been arrested and deprived of that right to do so. over the last few months. In this sense, the prospect of a fourth term for the current head of state is ‘terrifying’”, They remarked from the organization.

Other questions

The warning of International Amnesty joins the criticism he made public Human Rights Watch in the mouth of its Executive Director for the Americas, Jose Miguel Vivanco, who this Tuesday described as “folly“The position of the Argentine Foreign Ministry.

Get rid of the Argentine Foreign Ministry on Nicaragua. In his opinion, elections and the arrest of presidential candidates are two different things. They are ‘concerned’ about the arrests but do not comment on the elections as they are ‘internal issues’ “, he pointed Vivanco.

Late on Monday, a day after the electoral fraud took place, the Argentine government avoided condemning the maneuvers it carried out. Ortega and his wife Rosario Murillo to perpetuate themselves in power, capturing the presidential candidates who could compete for the first magistracy. “Within hours of the end of the election act, we maintain our diplomatic tradition of non-interference in internal matters in other nations”, Established in its central paragraph the statement of the Foreign Ministry headed by Santiago Cafiero.

Interestingly, in the same document, the Ministry of Coffee it does talk about internal issues of Nicaragua when referring to the political prisoners of the regime, although without linking them to the electoral act. Despite not condemning the controversial elections, the Argentine Government reiterated its “Concern about the arrest of opposition leaders” and “The need for the Nicaraguan government to ensure respect for the human rights of the entire population”.

“In Argentina we understand that democracy means respecting ideological diversity and civic participation without proscriptions. We must accompany the Nicaraguan people so that as soon as possible they regain dialogue and democratic coexistence ”, concludes the statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the government of Alberto Fernandez.

This is not the first time Fernandez shows its support for the Nicaraguan dictatorship. On October 20, his government abstained from condemning the regime in a vote of the Organization of American States (OAS) which required “immediate release”Of opponents detained in Nicaragua before the elections that were finally held this Sunday, November 7, and that were condemned by the main democracies of the world.


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