Among Us receives its biggest update with loot boxes, achievements, new roles and much more

The video game is renewed in several of its sections just in time for its launch on PlayStation and Xbox.

Innersloth It promised a great update of Among Us for these months and it has been. Starting today, players of the social deduction adventure will find a good number of novelties that almost completely change the video game, incorporating new roles, but also loot boxes, achievements, etc.

Starting at the end, Innersloth has introduced a achievement system on those platforms with support for these progression mechanics. Its operation does not have much mystery, it will be necessary to carry out different challenges to obtain them. Likewise, a account linking system so you can save progress and purchased items regardless of where you play.

All items will be cosmetic in natureThe other big news has to do with the cosmicubes, or loot boxes: “a new way to get exclusive cosmetics and show off your gear.” They are purely visual and have no effect on gameplay or gameplay options. Some will be paid, and others can be unlocked by playing and gathering resources. Innersloth recalls that the video game is free on mobile phones, while on PC and consoles it has a price of 4.99 euros, which is why have wanted to seek this new form of income in order to continue working on more content for all users.

New Among Us roles

Among us

From today, in addition, the crew can set up games for some of them to be graced with special abilities: the new roles. There are four in particular, and they seek to add a further degree of complexity to Among Us.

  • Scientific: You can access vital signs at any time, but you have to do tasks to recharge your device’s battery.
  • Engineer: You can use the vents just like the imposters.
  • Guardian angel: a ghost can cast a shield of protection around the remaining crewmates.
  • Shapeshifter: an imposter can disguise himself as any other crewmate.

This update is in time for the release of Among Us on PlayStation and Xbox on December 14. In addition, Innersloth is working on the landing of a new map for the video game, as well as new roles and other functions. Among Us is available on PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, and iOS and Android mobiles.

Thus, Among Us seeks to maintain high levels of activity, while new social deduction proposals hit the market: First Class Trouble and Dubium.

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