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Ariel Winter, the emergency department. The american actress of 22 years, known internationally for his role as Alex Dunhpy in the series Modern Family, has had to be treated at a hospital in Los Angeles to reimplantaran part of the thumb of the left hand, after he was an amputee in a spectacular accident in the home in the home kitchen.

Ariel Winter Alex Dunphy Modern Family

Modern Family

“I wanted to try new recipes, I had already cut four onions with a few knives he had just bought, when I got to chop a tomato and I cut my thumb. My boyfriend and I stayed looking at him. We were talking when it happened, and suddenly… oh, my God!”, narrated in an interview on the portal Access Hollywood that you can watch on YouTube.

After showing the bandage to camera, the artist has spoken of the shock initial post of the incident: “I didn’t cry, only I thought not I could not believe“. There was blood everywhere, and decided to leave immediately to a medical center. Your partner is commissioned to save the finger so that they could recolocárselo, but almost lost it forever when threw without wanting to trash: “My boyfriend gave the finger to the nurse, she gave it to me in a plastic bag without telling me what that was, so I threw it. Now it’s funny… we Had to pick it up from the trash.”

Ariel Winter GTRES


“I am well”, explains in order to reassure the audience. “I doalió, but they treated me perfectly. In addition, there are people that have to be attended to by a lot worse things“.

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