Amrabat as Milinkovic: “The truth is he doesn’t like you enough.” But it will

The title of the 2009 American film starring Scarlett Johansson and Ben Affleck helps us analyze the problem of Amrabat, which has been going on for a very long time, but never came close to going away.

Have you noticed that between one and the other Sofyan Amrabat he was going to leave Florence for almost two years? From summer 2021 when Naples, Turin and Atalanta they could take him after the obedient year and the coming of Torreira the next, when the Uruguayan was not redeemed; then winter 2023 with downward supply Barcelona and this summer. Atlético Madrid, Arabia, some Juventus rumors, Manchester United general. Have you received an offer from Fiorentina? Zero.

remember so much of the past Milinkovic-Savic in Lazio. For years, the Biancocelests have made a mark on a player who travels to England every summer and is engaged to Juventus. He never left, partly because Lazio was happy with him, partly because no one had ever heard of him and never had the strength to grant Lotito’s requests. Which was not impossible, especially for top European clubs.

The fact that Manchester United left Amrabat last in his shopping list (first Mount, then Onana, then Hoylund) demonstrates how Casemiro’s presence makes this move optional: if everything goes well, otherwise we do with what we have – not the ugliest of the wards, with the Brazilian, Eriksen, Bruno Fernandez, McTominay. Probably Amrabat on Fiorentina’s terms (30 million euros all inclusive) is not must absolute for interested teams, waiting for the price to drop and asking for time to update. However, since Fiorentina are not in a position to sell unless the player takes the plunge, it is unlikely that the value of the card will go down. Also because in January Amrabat pressed his foot, wanted to move to Barcelona, ​​and in response, Fiorentina kicked him out of the squad. (later restored after an apology). While farewell remains the most likely conclusion, it wouldn’t surprise us if Arthur in midfield is the owner for 2023-24. he will still be.

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