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The Urban Management Secretariat confirmed that the use of an application to be used in the taxi fare collection system was approved, based on an initiative of the Chamber of Taxis and Remises.

The digital tariff has different functions that include vehicle monitoring, control and driver registration. It will also allow cost savings in the maintenance of traditional charging equipment.

The functionality is extremely friendly since it has a single Start / End button and a menu to send a ticket virtually via MSN, WhatsApp, or Mail.

To calculate the trip, the value of the flag descent, the value of the distance traveled and the value of the waiting time are used, in the same way as the physical taximeter, but with greater precision, providing a faster service to implement. and easy to update.

The APP was made with PWA (progressive web) technology, and allows installation on mobile devices (phone / Tablet) consuming very little space.

The software is developed in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP / MySQL. It has the feature of being able to work OFFLINE to avoid problems with the internet connection.

The announcement was made this morning with the presence of the Secretary of Urban Management, Tomás Marisco; the general director of Urban Mobility, Ramiro Frapiccini; the owner of the Taxi Owners Center, Roberto De Barrenechea and Cristian Labastié, of Taxi Ya.

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