An awkward question and the abrupt end of the Djokovic family press conference from Belgrade

The press conference given by Novak Djokovic’s family from Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, ended this monday abruptly after Djordje, the youngest brother of the world’s No. 1, was consulted by a journalist about the positive Covid test that the tennis player received on December 16 that was revealed during the hearing that led to his release.

The dialogue, loaded with tension, went like this:

-Is it true that it was positive on December 16? asked the journalist.

– “Yes, that’s all in the documents.”

-Did you go out in public on December 17 while you were infected?

-The press conference is raised.

Then the family began to sing a popular Serbian song called which translates as “One song, one team.” His parents sang the same tune from their box at Roland Garros last year when Djokovic won the Grand Slam in Paris.

Before the tense moment, Djokovic’s family denounced that the world number one tennis player suffered “torture” during the time he was held in Australia and assured that the judicial decision that allows him to enter the country is the biggest victory of his race.

This was stated by the tennis player’s mother, Dijana Djokovic, when analyzing the court ruling that this Monday gave the athlete permission to remain in Australia despite not being vaccinated against covid-19, although the Government is still evaluating expelling him.

Dijana Djokovic said she was worried about the possibility that the Australian Government decides to expel the player, despite the court ruling in his favor. “I don’t want to think about that, but he will remain free and play”, the Australian Open.

For his part, the player’s father, Srdjan, called the judge’s ruling a great victory. not only for Djokovic and his family, but also for “the whole free world.”

When asked how the tennis player feels and how all this that has happened will influence his game, the father assured that the number one in the world is in perfect shape. “Novak is great. He has such mental strength that all of this has not altered him at all. It has given him additional energy. He cannot wait for December 17 to arrive, for the tournament to start. He will win the next ten tournaments.” assured.

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