An early version of Minecraft thought to be lost was found ten years later

Since its release in 2009, Minecraft has had many different versions. But if you’re not aware, in particular, there was one version that was only available for download for three hours and twenty-five minutes back in 2010, that was Alpha 1.1.1. In a completely unexpected turn of events, Twitter user Luna discovered this version, which was believed to be lost forever.

She posted a whole thread about her journey with Minecraft over the years. She was an avid gambler from the start. Because of this, the Omniarchive group , which archives all the different versions of Minecraft, discovered her old tweet that talked about a new Minecraft update on the day they were looking for .. After that, they tried to contact her to see if she accidentally had this long-lost version appeared.

Alpha 1.1.1 was only available for such a short time because there was a bug that caused the player’s entire screen to go gray, so this version was quickly replaced with Alpha 1.1.2. However, since Luna was so passionate about Minecraft, Omniarchive thought that maybe she was one of the people who downloaded Alpha 1.1.1, and that maybe she still has it.

Luna describes the experience of booting up her old computer, browsing files, and finally finding her old external hard drive. And so, she found a file with a date stamp with the exact release date of the version, and it turned out that this is exactly what they were looking for. She then posted it to the Discord server and now Alpha 1.1.1 is officially archived.

It’s amazing when such old files are found many years later. It looks like we should all stop deleting old files for games if possible, because you never know when they might become invaluable in the distant future.


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