An epic hack to find out the contents of a voice memo without playing it!

WhatsApp has become a leading instant messaging app, incorporating features that improve communication between people since its launch. The app launched Voice Notes 10 years agoa tool loved by many and hated by others.

Voice notes are often misused by people, and it fulfills other functions, how to change playback speed and send voice annotations through video, Send too long audio. Sometimes, such a long audio can take some time for the other party to answer.

If you want to avoid listening to long audios or are currently unable to listen to them, know that users have found many tricks to improve the experience of the app, in which case know What the audio says, without listening.

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how to know dTake voice notes in WhatsApp without playback

Although it is one of the most requested updates by app users, WhatsApp has yet to integrate a tool to transcribe audio; A feature available in Telegram Premium, an app that allows you to download music, videos, and more.

If you want to transcribe the content of your message, you have two options: Both options involve third-party tools.

Transcribe me app

This tool is ideal for Transcribe WhatsApp audio without installing additional apps. Here are the steps to start using it:

1. Input Transcribe my website

2. Select options Add to WhatsApp!

3. Selecting the option will take you to WhatsApp where you have to select “Go chat”

4. After entering the application A chat with TranscribeMe will open

5. Now, just Forward the audio you want to the chat room It will transcribe in seconds.

standalone application

Another option is To transcribe audio is to install the app.

1. First you have to download an app that has this feature, for Android you can use the ‘Transcribe” and “Transcrypto Audio Transcriber” for iOS.

2. Once the installation is complete, you must enter the application and accept all permissions This will give you access to your WhatsApp conversations.

3. You should now Go to WhatsApp and select the audio you want to transcribe.

4. Once selected, touch the three vertical dots, then Select the “Share” option

5. In the new window, you must Select the downloaded application

6. back To share audio you just have to wait for the audio to be transcribed. The app allows you to copy and paste text and share it on different networks such as Facebook, Twitter and of course WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp updates to transcribe voice notes

While the update won’t be available to all users of the app, it’s expected to arrive soon because It’s already available to those working on the beta and iOS versions of the app.

this function Will be displayed by default when available And can be deactivated at any time.

If you want to check if you have the option enabled, you have to go into the app settings and select the “Chat” option, then check if there is an option “Voice Message Transcription”. If you still don’t have it available, it might appear in a few weeks

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