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an event with a tiktoker, influencer and youtuber flavor

We are used to seeing content creators in comfortable attire and far removed from the etiquette of big events, but every now and then they surprise us. standing to the nines for a special event. Last Thursday was The White Book with some radiant Vegetta, Willyrex, Rubius, Irimatic, Cristiurbi and Silvia Muñoz (the latter is more accustomed to posturing), and today it is the turn of the mysterious attendees of the MET Gala.

Part of the grace of the event with the most bling-bling of Instagram is in not knowing exactly who will be on your red carpet until it opens its doors, and this will be held today at 23:30 Spanish time. The theme to inspire the dresses? Well the american independence, something that sounds a bit strange to us in these lands.

After last year could not be celebrated (damn pandemic), there is a lot of desire to see the final guest list. To the delight of many and the displeasure of a few as well, it looks like there are in this inventory of celebrities. a few content creators.

“Designers regularly invite today’s hottest personalities as guests, so you can expect big names on the carpet“, they say, making themselves beg in the organization. Always sharp in the interpretations, the networks take for granted that we will see very relevant people from TikTok, Instagram and YouTube at the entrance photocall.

After what Charli D’Amelio categorically deny his presence (“I’m not old enough so that they let me in! “he assured between laughs), the tiktoker that has the most ballots to occupy a seat is Addison rae. Like the good divas neither confirms nor denies, which usually means a yes like a cathedral. And more when you upload posts from the streets surrounding the Metropolitan Museum …

The youtuber Emma chamberlain play the same game yes and no, Although her name was one of the first to leak as a guest of the streamer world. It is true that it would be rare for a Twitch representative to have a privileged entrance (although surely a Amouranth would very much like to attend), although in some circles of those in which people know everything, it has been heard that James Charles also has options to be seen between names of very high cache.

Which has all the doors open and could almost be considered representative influencer is Rosalia, who has not said it but has said it, basically, with a party in NY and a weekend in the big apple that points to will wear nails, grillz, bag or simple overwhelming presence at the Gala, with capital letters. Accompanying her we can wait for one of the queens of the posture and very friends of hers: the Kardashian / Jenner.

It is true that if it is celebrated 5000 kilometers away, it is a pity to think that we will not see a Marta Díaz, María Pombo or Paula Gonu wearing palm hearts at an event that could be designed almost for them. Let’s see if the influencer scene takes on even more weight to see a stream of yours from there in the future.

Helen Hernandez is our best writer. Helen writes about social news and celebrity gossip. She loves watching movies since childhood. Email: [email protected] Phone : +1 281-333-2229

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