An Ex of Jennifer Lopez brings flowers to ex, Marc Anthony


Dayanara Torres and Casper Smart’s ex-partner, Marc Anthony, and Jennifer Lopez, respectively, have developed a beautiful friendship, after the two were related, with the world-renowned singers.

The relationship between the two has grown, when both of you have agreed on the reality tv show “Look Who’s Dancing”, and when you have been part of the judging panel of the television.

However, Casper has proved to be a friend is unconditional, in the ex-singer of the bunch, because after that, Dayanara know more about the fight against breast cancer, the Smart proved to be a lot more attached to it.

Now, at 12 months of age for Torres first began his battle against cancer, which is the dance, performed outside the house of an ex-model with a flower arrangement to take hearts on the last day of the treatment.

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