An exchange between Ferrari and Maserati costs dearly to a well-known singer

The leader of a famous band is involved in a rather strange affair involving two Ferraris and a Maserati.

The crisis due to the pandemic seems to be behind us for the world of engines. The automotive lawsuits, albeit at a different pace, are reaching the numbers of 3-4 years ago. But there is one sector that has never really been affected by the crisis and that is that of auctions. The numbers say it all: the most important manufacturers linked to this business have set record after record in the last 2-3 years, driven above all by the sales of two and four wheels.

Ferraris and Maseratis (AdobeStock)

2023 also opened with numerous well-attended and “rich” events, with motorcycles and cars going to collectors after sensational relaunches that made the news. Obviously among the most sought after models are the Ferrariwhether they are road or racing. But in general, the “oldest” models are those that still attract the most attention on a global level.

It must be said that among the redhead models lately those of famous names of the jet-set stand out, from actors to models, through singers or football players. Among the latest to be auctioned is a Ferrari that belonged to the former champion David Beckham, who has owned several Maranello cars in his life and who has decided to “leave behind” one of the “oldest” ones, perhaps to make room in his garage for another car.

But these days the case of another important name on the world scene is making headlines, which was at the center of a truly incredible story. Let’s talk about Adam Levinesinger of the band Maroon 5 and a great fan of vintage cars but in general of sports cars. In fact, the artist thought he had made a bargain by exchanging two vintage Ferraris for one Maserati Ghibli 4.9 liter Spyder SS from 1971 from the dealer Rick Cole. Instead, he is now in the suit and has sued the latter and his associates for an amount close to 850,000 dollars in damages.

Two Ferraris for one Maserati: the scam is served

The deal, as told by the Los Angeles Times, materialized in 2020. The artist had long dreamed of having that 1971 Maserati Ghibli 4.9-litre Spyder SS, worth $850,000, also because it is one of the few convertible models with a 4.9-litre engine of power. And to get hold of it he agreed to trade one Ferrari 365 GTC/4 from 1972 and one Ferrari 365 GTC of 1968, with a total value of 950,000 dollars, in exchange for 100,000 dollars and the Maserati.

The Maserati had obviously been presented by Cole with a chassis numberas is appropriate in certain cases when such rare models end up at auction. Too bad, however, that later it became known that there is another vehicle with the exact same number VIN and has been in Europe for years. In practice, it emerged that when Cole’s company auctioned off the car in 2015, doubts had already been raised about its authenticity, particularly in relation to numbers printed in styles that had not been used by Maserati in 1971. The lawyers of Levine state that an attempt was subsequently made to make those inconsistencies less apparent. They basically tried to make the vehicle look authentic by reproducing a new chassis plate to make the lettering look more like what Maserati used at the time.

Now Levine’s lawyers say the identity of the car is “in serious doubt” and that beyond its authenticity, its value is uncertain. It also emerged that the singer tried to resell the car but that he was discouraged by Cole, as if he was afraid that the dive would be discovered. But now it’s all come to light. It will be understood shortly what will become of this lawsuit, but one thing is certain: never mistake two Ferraris for a car.

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