an iconic strategy in its history

The company displays the official version of this idea in its virtual museum, which reviews the history of Xbox for its 20th anniversary.

Microsoft publishes part of the original document to buy Nintendo: an iconic strategy in its history

The history of the video game has a thousand anecdotes and setbacks that would surprise all types of players, both those who have just entered this hobby and those who have been informed of the past of all the companies in the sector. One of the most iconic moments in Xbox’s existence was its attempt to buy Nintendo two decades ago, a decision that turned into a meeting in which directors of the Big N they laughed for an hour.

Microsoft met with Nintendo’s third president and current technology advisorTo commemorate this near-event (which is still an interesting point in Xbox history), the Redmond people have published part of an original document in which the intention of Microsoft is read. As Kotaku points out, this image can be found in the recently launched Xbox interactive virtual museum, which has opened its digital doors on the occasion of the 20th anniversary.

Microsoft publishes part of the original document to buy Nintendo: an iconic strategy in its history

Here, you can not only read Xbox’s objective with the Japanese company, but you can also see the executives with whom they met for the purchase attempt: Hiroshi yamauchi, third president of Nintendo, and Genyo Takeda, current Technological Advisor of the company. Also, if we do not take into account the gigantic poster that covers the image, we can read some sentences like “I understand Mr. Takeda’s concerns” and “playing Dolphin [el nombre en clave de GameCube] the best [consola] of videogames “.

This does not stop being an unsuccessful strategy by Xbox, but the company already explained a few months ago the reasons behind this decision. And, although the purchase went nowhere, at least it leaves us with a curious moment in the history of Microsoft, which has decided to give it a space during its 20th anniversary along with other novelties such as the surprise gifts that some fans are receiving.

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