An image of the rumored Resident Evil 4 Remake could have been leaked: a villain exposed

The alleged culprit, one of the game’s voice actors, could face a serious lawsuit.

Resident Evil 4 is one of the installments most acclaimed by fans of survival horror, as it managed to stand out enough within the franchise for reviews to be made even in the virtual reality format. The alleged existence of a remake is one of the rumors most listened to in recent months, and apparently a conceptual image has leaked that could confirm these thoughts.

I haven’t announced anything, posted anything, and I’m not under any contract with CapcomDc douglasBefore continuing, it should be noted that Capcom has not given any official announcement and, therefore, this supposed Resident Evil 4 Remake will continue not to be real until it is produced. the confirmation from the editor. That said, it appears that a conceptual image of Albert wesker, one of the most iconic villains of the saga, where he is shown with a more updated graphic style. And, following the rumor, it is said that the cause of such a leak would be Dc douglas, a voice actor who has participated in several games in the franchise.

Resident Evil 4

Supposedly, this actor has distributed the image without consent from Capcom to some of his fans after a direct from Twitch in which he talked about his roles in Resident Evil, but as Eurogamer points out, Douglas has already denied this information on multiple occasions: “I have not announced anything, published anything and I have repeatedly said that I am not under any contract with Capcom (RE4 or other projects). I won’t comment on any more RE rumors because I have two cats that really need my attention. I will look forward to the news of RE4 like the rest of you! “, He comments in an Instagram story.

It would be necessary to catch all this information with tweezers, although the networks have been flooded with captures in which apparently the actor is seen sharing the image with his fans, and he you have deactivated your Twitter account. For its part, Capcom has not wanted to comment on the rumors, and they affirm not have ads ready about the franchise.

If we can get something clear from this data, it is that the community wants to return to the Resident Evil 4 adventure in a remastered way. In this sense, you can always see the work of the fans in the field with the Spanish initiative Resident Evil 4 HD project, which has already given the green light for the publication of its final version. In addition, if you want to immerse yourself even more in survival horror, you also have the option to try the VR edition, which has become the best-selling Meta Quest title.

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