An Influencer Wants? These 5 tips for the choice of HP For photography


TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The profession, so Influence factors more popular with the millennial generation and representation of digital content that is creative, influencer is bound to be a variety of sophisticated devices, smartphone is one of them.

For some people it can be very difficult to search for a HP for best photography in this time. Especially for those of you in the new world of digital content.

Then what the heck is a prerequisite, you need to be said can be in possession of a device, so that you are the best, especially when searching for HP for photography?

Has Megapixel Large

Although many people are doubtful, HP with camera bermegapixel large, in fact, high-resolution images can show produce rich in colors and razor-sharp looks to the smallest Details in the photo.

The amount of megapixels will be more perfect if combined with the technology of HP belongs to, such as the size of the sensor, the technology of the processing of the photos, the artificial intelligence system, which is in the possession of HP.

Not only because the result is clear, the resulting photo can not only be used in social media but it can also be enjoyed in a variety of forms, ranging from the printed to a large size, poster, up to billboard in the building.

Photos Produce Night Best

Photos night camera oppo reno3
Illustration photo in the evening.

Photographing in the night, as is a mandatory requirement must be in the possession of the HP for photography today, especially to avoid the results of the photos tend to be dark, dull, and a lot of noise. Also note, if the hp selected only shows photos of the evening on the part of the front of the camera but also the camera behind him.

It is done to better selfie photos or portrait photos that are produced, the same-the same look crystal clear, sharp, and charming, although in the evening is done, or conditioned in low-light.

To Enlarge Equipped With The Ability To Large

Have you ever wanted to shoot photos from a distance, such as photographing the best fashion moments fashion show but the result is not satisfactory? If Yes, of course, the PS-performance large zoom, so that the other requirements of HP’s best photography.

To be satisfactory, there are good choose HP over hybrid-zoom up to 5x, and digital zoom up to 20x so that every moment you want to capture, will not be missed again.

The Possibility Of Macro-Photos

For fans of mobile photography, the camera phone with photo capabilities macro is an additional condition that must be managed. PS with a macro-lens allows us to take photos from a close distance, so that the object is small, looks in detail as the object of a normal-sized other.

The Mobile photography To a New Level

In addition to the benefits above, a further condition was in the possession of HP-is the best for photography in the mobile phone photography to the next level, and is different from other HP camera on the market. One of the HP ‘ s latest bold answer to this challenge, the OPPO Reno3 is.

One of the best options HP for photography features-Ultra Clear 108MP image. This makes the camera OPPO Reno3 as the HP camera with the highest resolution in the world.

Results photos Ultra Clear 108MP.
Results photos Ultra Clear 108MP. (OPPO)

What is not claimed by the OPPO a figment is back, the proof looks like the display in a large photo attached to beautiful, clear and detailed in the construction of Veteran AFFAIRS.

Advertising photos taken with the OPPO Reno3 that HP is the newest not only used to produce the photo on social media, but also to be printed and enjoyed in a large photo, a poster, up to billboard in the building.

If the examined specifications OPPO Reno3 not play in fact. In addition to Ultra Clear 108MP image, the HP is also the presentation of a 44MP Ultra night Selfie. With the sensor-44MP, algorithms, AI, HDR and technology for the reduction of Noise you make a photo that is made, so it is a maximum, detailed, clear, and the face of the object in the photo is, of course, luminousand beautiful.

On the HP the last of these also represents a 5-fold Zoom-in Hybrid. With three cameras, four cameras that he had to be angle, i.e., camera, telephoto lens, camera, main camera and Ultra-wide-HP is able to do the functions 2x magnification 5x Hybrid Zoom and 20x digital zoom, so it is very useful when you are recording a fashion show or if you are a music concert.

More completely HP the latest Version of OPPO has the lens in Super Macro, you can create a macro photos with a minimum focusing distance of 3cm. The resulting photo was able to make small objects, the detail and sharpness of large objects see right in the rule.

Improve the advantages of the camera OPPO Reno3, the presence has an Ultra-wide angle photos with a wide viewing angle of up to 119.9 degrees; technology-48MP Ultra Dark mode the lights automatically when the space is minimal, is light; and JOSIE (OPPO Screen Image Engine) improves the results of the recording, the video short, so it is suitable for those who love to record Videos from the app instagram, TikTok, Vmate, Likee.


From a specification of OPPO Reno3 above, if HP is the last of this suitable for shooting in all situations, whether during the day or night, though. So don’t be surprised if the latest device OPPO recognised in the income available for pre-order in the first stage.

For those who are interested, pre order the next can be done in Akulaku, Shopee, Lazada, Tokopedia, JD.ID, and Price Rp 5.199.000, get great prices that every buyer so, speaker Bluetooth JBL Go in a limited amount during the time of the pre-order.

Author: Firda Fitri Yanda/Editor: Dana Delani