An Inter Miami fan shows Lionel Messi on a video call midway through the game

The madness of Lionel Messi USA Constantly giving up unexpected moments.10-minute video showing Inter Miami vs. Internacional Miami over the last few hours los angeles football club The picture shows the man from Rosario taking the corner and greeting all those who cheered for him. However, the attitude of one of the fans caught people’s attention.

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The only corner Inter scored in the second half came from the area where the pink club fans were. Therefore, when Leo approached, it caused a burst of confusion among all the people present, and they all started to record. However, one of the fans went a step further, Made a video call to show Rosario up close, if only for a few seconds.

A fan made a video call during Messi’s match

Come and see Messi’s celebrity guest list

Among the many names watching Sunday night, a few stood out. In the field of sports, LeBron James He watches the best football players in the world play from the stands. james harden and magic johnson They are other basketball players who have not missed games.

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There are also several actors in the stands of the Los Angeles FC Stadium: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jason Sudeikis (Protagonist of Ted Russo), Owen Wilson and Tobey Maguire (Spiderman).

Music wasn’t left out of the grand event: Liam GallagherLeader of Oasis Group, Manchester City fan Selena Gomes They saw Messi perform live.

List of celebrities who have seen Messi (Source: Screenshot Twitter)

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