An Italian girl named Vittoria is said to be dating Leonardo DiCaprio.

Leonardo DiCaprio has never hidden his passion for young models: first for the iconic Gigi Hadid, and now for the new face of Chanel.

Hollywood’s golden bachelor has struck again. After saying goodbye, perhaps not too painful, to Argentine model Camila Morrone, Leonardo DiCaprio he again indulged in insane joy. The paparazzi caught him red-handed: smiles and alluring looks inherent in young models with a worldwide reputation. From Gigi Hadid to Maya Jama and all the way to Italian style Victoria Cheretti. The new face of Chanel, just now 25 yearsembodies the weaknesses of the Oscar-winning actor, starting with his chronological age – an important detail during the courtship stage.

Leonardo DiCaprio, the new passion is called Vittoria – photo: ansa –

Some time ago, a beautiful rating clearly showed Jack’s indispensable love for women under 30, and sometimes up to 25 years. Is it a coincidence that Leo welcomed his Camila a few months after his twenty-fifth birthday? The actor denied fake news about his age limit. After all Gigi Hadid she is 28 years old, an exception to the rule, perhaps too “old” by DiCaprio’s standards. This is where Vittoria comes into play.

Who is Vittoria Ceretti? Leonardo DiCaprio’s new alleged love

Pictures of Vittoria Ceretti and Leonardo DiCaprio, the paparazzi on the streets of Santa Barbara, quickly went viral. Two they met for ice cream, a simple and unexpected date. A strange couple did not allow themselves public outpourings, the supermodel and actor walked like two old friends. Therefore, the question remains whether this is spontaneous chat Or a real relationship. The fact is that, at least for now, the international tabloids seem to agree with the undeniable feeling that is being born behind the scenes of the Cannes Film Festival.

Leonardo DiCaprio and paparazzi Vittoria Ceretti together in Santa Barbara – photo: Instagram @vittoriacargentina –

Vittoria announced on social media two months ago. separation from husbandDJ and artist Matteo Milleri. They secretly got married in Ibiza three years ago: “I owe a lot to my husband, who is my life coach”. The girl’s professional career, opened at the age of 14 and made famous thanks to the French stylist Jacquemus, was supported by her now former partner. We are talking about a face that has been contested by major international brands and has recently received important recognition. contract with Chanel.

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