An ode to silver eyeshadow that will make you glow

Fashion and beauty trends 2000s they return in a modern and creative vein. After tops and very low waists, pants that can be worn under a skirt, and colored hair ties in your hair, it’s time tosilver eyeshadow to get back in style. And today this product signs to clean upoperated with care, as if it were enlightening capable of opening and kindling the eye, or better percussion tricksEnhanced with details like rhinestones and sequins to make everything more special.

In any case, this is one of the beauty products that you should always have with you, and not just recreate.

Y2K looks.

Silver eyeshadow sets the tone again

A little’ futuristic, with its martian and astronaut vibe, silver eyeshadow is making a comeback. Partner in crime 2000s revival that we live soon return barbarella on the big screen (probably played by Sidney Sweeney) or perhaps for her luminous finishthe fact is that this product is driving us crazy again.

Especially loved in 60s to create a voluminous and strong look, these eye shadows are back in fashion even at the dawn of the new millennium, becoming a must-have for every it’s a girl moment. Perhaps this is what captivates about the silver eyeshadows, namely their multi-faceted and bright personality.

You can wear it in many different ways, from the simplest looks to the most intricate and theatrical. And after walking catwalks and won celebrities most popular at last the trend has reached us. Let’s not be taken by surprise: here best silver eyeshadow with which to sign your makeup.

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