An overview of the state of the US by Livi Zheng, Hollywood, Lockdown, Show the magic of the house, So that the location of the shots


TRI The Director of the ground-water-Livi Zheng analyze the history of Hollywood.

Was in Los Angeles when the outbreak of a pandemic Covid-19-hit of the world, Livi Zheng also shows how Hollywood conditions.

If it is full, the Hollywood Livi reported Zheng is currently in a state of rest.

In his report, Livi Zheng also highlight the condition of the car lonely pedestrian pathways.

Since Livi Zheng realized crowded, usually the area with people, to stay.

Previously, the state of the United States communicated, on the outbreak of a pandemic virus corona is increasingly alarming.

On the basis of the description of the world health organization (WHO) on Tuesday (24/03/2020), plague Covid-19 in the USA, possibly Europe, overtaking.

It is seen kala in the number of cases in the United States are now rising increasingly.

The center of the outbreak, which began originally in Wuhan, Hubei province, on December 2019, has now been postponed in Europe.

A spokesman for the WHO, Margaret Harris told reporters in a press conference virtual that 85 percent of the new cases, the Global in time last night from the two regions with the largest outbreak, namely Europe and the USA.