‘An unforgettable day’: Two former Argentinian footballers visited Inter Miami’s Lionel Messi and got his signature tattoos

Javier Klimovic, Marcos Mondeni and Lionel Messi (Instagram)

Lionel Messi Awaken everyone’s enthusiasm. In the fans, in the people who coach them and their teammates. Also present among competitors and any football enthusiast.Like the case of these two former Argentinian footballers who fulfilled their dream of visiting him inter miami And get his signature.

But it’s more than just a signature, as it’s immortalized on his skin.its about Javier Klimovich and Marcos Mondeni They were joined by Rumple and still had his signature on their arms. Then, they decided to get it tattooed on their bodies so it would be etched on them forever.

“Perfect trip, met my daughter and best of all I couldn’t miss the last photo “10”, The 46-year-old former goalkeeper, who came through the academy of Córdoba and played for Bolivia’s Blumin, Ecuador’s Cuencara Coruña and Emelek, wrote proudly on Instagram. Currently, Diego’s brother is a former Gloria striker who played for Lanus, Spain and Germany and is currently a coach and TV commentator at Emelek Sports Club (reserve team).

Javier Klimovich shows off his tattoo signed by Lionel Messi (Instagram)

Cremo traveled to Miami to visit his daughter and took the opportunity to meet the Argentina captainHe scored the winning goal from a free-kick against Ecuador, had an outstanding performance at the Estadio Monument and was rested against Bolivia in La Paz, Argentina’s debut in the South American qualifying campaign. Flacco signed Deeds’ signature on his left arm as he left the facility.

then it’s turn Marcos Mondenihe also has a tattoo on his left forearm. “An unforgettable day at the Inter Miami training: I had the chance to hug @leomessi when he signed my arm and jersey,” the 38-year-old former striker posted on Instagram.

“Well, it’s my first tattoo and it’s definitely Leo Messi’s. We took advantage of Miami when he signed our arm and some jerseys. The signature is clear and impeccable. ” said the footballer from Boca Juniors in a video posted after receiving La Pulga’s signature.

Marcos Mondeni and Lionel Messi (Instagram)

Mondeni,Who is 2005 Apertura Championship and 2007 Copa Libertadores winning teamHe shone in Ecuadorian football, playing for Emelec, Barcelona, ​​City of Guayaquil and Roca Fuerte. In addition, he also played for the Uruguay national team, Medellin national team and Chivas Regal USA.

former striker Leonardo Campana also pays tribute to Ecuadorians, Dixon Arroyo shares ‘Football Talk’ with coach Tata MartinoFollowing what Inter Miami did in Fort Lauderdale. Florida will take on Atlanta United this Saturday in the new MLS competition.

All the photos from Javier Klimovic and Marcos Mondeni’s visit to Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami:

Javier Klimovic and Lionel Messi (Instagram)
Marcos Mondeni visits Lionel Messi (Instagram)
Marcos Mondeni visits Lionel Messi (Instagram)
Marcos Mondeni shows off Lionel Messi’s signature (Instagram)
Marcos Mondeni (Primicias.ec)
Marcos Mondeni (Primicias.ec)
Marcos Mondeni and Tata Martino (Instagram)
Marcos Mondeni and Leonardo Campana at Inter Miami (Instagram)

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