Ana Bárbara Confesses That She Lived Through Hell When She Married José María Fernández “El Pirru”

Ana Bárbara proudly showed off her Christmas decoration.

The grouper singer confessed that one of the most difficult episodes of her life was the one she experienced when she married Mariana Levy’s widower

Ana Bárbara spoke of the relationship she had in 2006 with José María Fernández “El Pirru”, with whom she assured, lived difficult moments because she married him shortly after the death of the actress Mariana Levy.

During the media tour to promote her latest musical release “Fruta Prohibida”, the talented grupero singer was asked about the most difficult moment she has had to overcome throughout her life, to which she immediately replied that It was undoubtedly her marriage to the father of one of her children, as she was the target of constant media attacks because she fell in love with him a few months after becoming a widower.

“When the universe led me to fall in love with a person who was a widow and that gave him meat, it gave carrion to many media and they made a real hell of everything. In my career, it was very difficult to overcome at a professional level, because they were terrible attacks and I thought from then on and now that getting out of there was very, very hard “, highlighting that it was not only complicated on an emotional level, as it affected him in all the senses, including the professional field.

And she confessed that forgetting her artistic career for some time was one of the great sacrifices she had to make sense in just one year she had 4 children in her care since at that time she was Emiliano’s mother and she also welcomed Paula and José Emilio, the children that ” El Pirru ” had with Mariana Levy: ” I had to leave my degree, I had to make absolute changes to be able to bring that dynamic of a mother who had a child, to a mother who in less than She was 4 “, while shortly after she discovered that on her wedding night she was pregnant with Chema.

And although she prefers not to judge her ex-partner and focus solely on what she experienced, she considers it a painful stage because she lost everything.

” I was left in the middle of nowhere, I was emotionally shaking, ” he said.


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