Ana Bárbara Responds to the Survivor of the Tragedy in the Mexico City Metro

Ana Bárbara

Miguel Ángel Córdova, who witnessed the collapse of two wagons on Line 12 of the Mexico City Metro, received an affectionate gesture from the grupero singer, whom he met when he was 16 years old and remembers how a mother

After the misfortune experienced in the Mexico City Metro, some testimonies have emerged of what happened the night of May 3, one of the versions that have attracted the most attention on social networks was the one shared by Miguel Ángel Córdova, a young man in a street situation sleeping under the concrete beams that fell.

In the recording that quickly went viral, the 36-year-old, whom the neighbors know as Angie, narrated that shortly before the collapse of the elevated viaduct, he heard a loud noise and vibration that forced him to run away without having the opportunity to go for his blanket.

Likewise, as part of his eloquent story, the Tabasco native recalled how he met Ana Bárbara and took advantage of her appearance on camera to send her a message:

“ If my Altagracia is watching me: here I am still alive, I told you that this madman does not crack. I met Altagracia in the jaripeo of Monterrey. To my pretty, beautiful, rumpled, Ana Bárbara. She was my great friend and wherever you are, I love you cool, “said the young man.

Assuring her, he has great affection and gratitude since the “Queen Grupera” helped him when he was 16 years old, for which he considers her a mother :

” I had very beautiful experiences with her, what I did not experience in her childhood, she gave me and rewarded me at 16, with great respect she was my great mother, after the other, ” explained the witness of the accident it cost 25 people’s lives.

Ana Bárbara responds to Miguel Ángel’s message


As expected, the message reached the ears of Ana Bárbara, who responded to Miguel Ángel through a video posted on her official Instagram account.

“ My dear Miguel Ángel, Angie, your message finally did reach me, which I appreciate very much. It is a bit difficult to talk to you because I know that I found you again after a tragedy that we are all experiencing, however, I found you, I saw you again. For me, all the followers, someone who leaves a little piece of love, a little piece in his heart, because it is a piece of my soul “, the Mexican singer-songwriter is heard saying in the recording that records more than 82 thousand red hearts.

” To all my Bandits who sent me the video of Miguel Ángel (Angie), I hope they will help me get this message to him from his ‘Ana Barbisss’ as he tells me,” he wrote next to the publication in which he also he dedicated a fragment of “Forbidden Fruit”, a subject that he is currently promoting.