Ana Brenda Contreras Confirms Her Departure From Netflix and the Series ‘Pálpito’

Michel Brown, Ana Brenda Contreras and Sebastián Martínez would be the protagonists of 'Pálpito' | Netflix

Netflix had confirmed Ana Brenda as one of the protagonists of ‘Pálpito’ where she would star in the series alongside Colombians Michel Brown and Sebastián Martínez

Ana Brenda Contreras has officially announced her departure from “Pálpito”, the new Colombian series that Netflix is making in Colombia. The actress had been excited to be able to record this new series alongside great actors such as  Michel Brown (“La Querida del Centauro”) and  Sebastián Martínez (“La Bella y Las Bestias”). However, and due to the pandemic, Contreras will no longer be able to be part of the project and this was announced on his Instagram Stories.

“I wanted to tell you something for a few days. The truth is that it does make me a bit sad … but then no way, we are living very crazy times, “the actress began to say on the social network.

Ana Brenda had been living in Colombia for a few weeks while production started, but due to date delays, she has been forced to abandon the project.

“Due to what is happening around the world due to these COVID peaks, especially right now in Colombia. I was in Bogotá for almost a month and we could not start the recordings of ‘Pálpito’ and the filming date was moved and everything that was planned … I will not be able to be part of this story, “the actress announced.

The actress hinted that due to the new production dates she could not make the recordings, hinting that she may have another project on the doorstep.

“The reality of things is that this happens in our career all the time,” added the star.


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“Pálpito” revolves around the world of organ trafficking. In the series, Simón’s wife is murdered to remove his heart and transplant it into the wife of a powerful millionaire. In search of revenge, Simón throws himself into the dangerous world of organ trafficking.

So far Netflix has not confirmed who will be the actress who will take Ana Brenda’s place in the series.

Another project that Netflix is ​​preparing with international actors is “False Profile”. The series will talk about how easy it is to fool people through a dating app. Everything revolves around the character of Camila who creates a sexy profile in the spicy online dating app Spice looking for the man of her dreams; And when she thinks she finds him, her dreams quickly turn into nightmares.

This series features performances by  Danilo Santos ,  Ana Lucía Domínguez  (“Señora Acero”),  Rodolfo Salas  (“Betty in NY”),  Renata Notni  (“My Adorable Curse”) and  Rubén Cortada .


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