Ana de Armas came to Hollywood without knowing English


In less than 5 years Ana de Armas it has become one of the brightest stars in the firmament hollywodiense, and what has made film-to-film, on a tour of the spotless, in which you have managed to surround yourself with stars that will not only given to him by the best advice and the best support, but have served as the best recommendations for filmmakers. She began her new life in 2014, after moving to Los Angeles without speaking English but with a dream and clear. Already he had triumphed in Spain, with series such as The Internshipwhere did you get your first role just a week after settling down, and she has that je ne sais quoi that makes all the world want to set eyes on her. Going beyond its spectacular beauty, his green eyes and his tender smile, are his talent and his ability to capture the attention of those who succeeded, as has told in an interview with Links Magazine, which the directors and script writers came to adapt roles for her. So good were his auditions.


“My experiences growing up in Cuba and moving and being as a citizen of the world and to adapt and be flexible, it gives me many of the tools and a vision and a different approach towards a character,” explained the hispanocubana in this interview in which we have been able to see her more humble the same time demonstrating once more the material of which it is made. His facet as a latina, might have been an obstacle for her, in the Hollywood closed that keeps certain stick-of-date, but what is certain is that it has come at a moment in which part of the path you have already walked performers like Sofia Vergara, Eva Longoria or Salma Hayek. Now it is not so uncommon to see latino actors and characters in the productions americans, although it is more difficult not to see them stereotyped.

Something that is not usual is that the big studios they decide to change roles to adapt to a latina actress. In fact, often do the opposite, and this leads to problems with the public, as was the case with Scarlett Johansson for movies like Ghost in the shell, where he grabbed a actress white, blonde and blue eyes to give life to a character asian. “For War Dogs or Knock Knock or Blade Runner… the scenes were written for the americans. When I did the audition, they changed their mind and did the script work for me, “Ana says.


With this overwhelming charm and talent has achieved not only that the call of a casting to another, but their co-stars, such as Keanu Reeves or Daniel Craig will recommend a movie to the next. So he went from Knock Knock to Exposed and Daggers in the back to 007: No time to die. Without a doubt, his great success (by far) was the starring Craig, where he shared scenes with a cast of coral luxury where all the world was world-known for one reason or another. And yet, everyone agreed that the interpretation of Ana is one of the best of the movie. So much so that it was nominated for a Golden Globe for her role as Martha, which she considers “an incredible gift”. At the end of the day it is about an immigrant latina who faces the challenges most incredible, but that gets out ahead with an intuition and goodness that blinds the others.

Currently Ana is the third actress most popular in the specialized website of IMDb, a further indication that everyone wants to know a little more about this actress. And is that, unlike so many other interpreters that begin in Hollywood, this cuban 32-year-old has several projects of great caliber, waiting for the premiere: No time to diethat has had to be delayed by the closure of the cinemas; Deep Water (where she shared the stage with Ben Affleck, with whom he relates weeks) and Blonde, where he interprets Marilyn Monroe, will debut this year if the coronavirus permits.

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