Ana de Armas confesses why he does not looked like a Bond girl


“The james Bond girls have been portrayed over the years by a specific type of woman,” said the actress in an interview with American Way. “I associate it with some kind of perfection and beauty beyond what is normal, things that I don’t agree. I was surprised when the director called me and said ‘the character is not written, but we want you'”.

That was indeed one of the reasons that led her to accept the role. Since his character was not written, had the opportunity to do it their way, avoiding clichés, and stereotypes used previously in the franchise, and giving a new twist to the concept of the Bond girl.

“Usually these women, the james Bond girls need to be rescued. Or die. Or are evil. You needed to read the script,” adds Arms about all of your concerns at the time of accepting the role. “It cost a bit, but in the end they sent me the scenes. It is important, because I want to contribute something more to the story with my character.”

When a young interpreter is attached to a big franchise as James Bond, does not usually have opportunity to bring many ideas to your character. However, it seems that the producers of No Time to Die trust in the discretion of the actress, as they decided to build their paper around it and not the other, giving some creative freedom to your interpretation.

In No time to die, which premiered on November 25, Weapons plays Paloma, a CIA agent who will be involved in the secret mission Bond. And judging by the words of the actress, the character is far from being the typical girl in distress. Ana de Armas promises to give much war.