Ana de Armas confidence that the teenager was “not a lot to choose from” dress-up


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The famed cuban actress had a tough family situation during their first years of life

Ana de Armas confidence that the teenager was “not a lot to choose from” dress-up

Ana de Armas confidence that the teenager “didn’t have much where to choose” to dress. (INSTAGRAM/ANA DE ARMAS)

With the success that today surrounds Ana de Armas, it would appear that the cuban actress, who we saw in the last parade of Saint Laurent in Paris and took the cover of April Vogue Spainhas always had the reach of the hand of those outfits that has been seen on those occasions.

But the reality in his adolescence was far from that and has admitted as much in a conversation with her stylist, Karla Welchaccording to the magazine Vogue.

Arms and Welch make up one of those couples that work to perfection, and her talk left an amazing time, for your humility, this recognition of the scarcity of clothes when deciding what to wear to go to school.

“I didn’t have a lot to choose from. I used to wear clothes that had been small to my brothers and things like that,” admits the actress to Welch when asked how he was dressed in his old institute.

Since Weapons made his debut in a movie in Hollywood, with Toc Tocdirected by Eli Roth and co-starring Keanu Reeves, his career has gone on a downward ascent in the epicentre of world cinema, as well as on the red carpet. The actress arrived in January to posing before the photographers at the Golden Globes, that was nominated for her role of Marta Cabrera in Daggers in the back.

Ana offered some clues about the that you can your work is more expected from 2020, with the permission of No time to diethe next installment of James Bond, Blonde.

The film in which he plays a Marilyn Monroe in the happiest years of his career seems to have been a challenge in terms of style for the actress, who acknowledges that it is the work most rich in terms of dresses, of all that has been done.

Up to a hundred costume changes can be seen on the tape which will be distributed by Netflix and is set to premiere sometime in 2020.

Recently met the romance that the actress keeps up with the hollywood Ben Affleckafter filtered photographs of both in a romantic ride in Cuba.

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