Ana de Armas, everything you didn’t know about the talented actress who stole the heart of Ben Affleck


Surely your face is very familiar, as she has stolen glances in his more recent movies: ‘Knives out’ (2019), ‘Blade Runner: 2049’ (2017), ‘Exposed’ (2016) and ‘Knock, Knock’ (2015) (just to mention a few). Or maybe you’ve started listening to her since a few days ago, that came the rumors that assure that Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck have a secret affair (because both celebs were captured, in attitude, romantic, vacation in Cuba and Costa Rica).

But, you are one of their biggest fans, or you’re just knowing, there is something that is of no doubt: it must not lose track of this talented actress! And then we will tell you why…

Who is Ana de Armas? She is a talented cuban actress of film and television, a 31-year-old, who began his career in the acting world with only 18 years (in the Spanish film ‘A rose of France’), later starred in the Spanish production ‘The Internship’. And, from that moment on, his international fame and proposals professionals who have obtained it have not stopped growing!

The movies of Anne of Weapons that will debut in 2020

Without a doubt, this will be a GREAT year for this celeb, because not only you seem to be living a great love story on the side of Ben Affleck, but in the next few months to be released 4 movies in which Ana de Armas promises to surprise us.