Ana de Armas is benching the face. Last time. Video and photos are devastating


Ana de Armas

January 30, 2020
(15:50 CET)

Much is being talked about in the last hours of Anne of Weapons. And is that the rumors of a supposed relationship of the cuban actress with the popular actor Bradley Cooper have been fired after appearing a few images of an intimate conversation.

However, there have not been other than Elena Furiase, with whom the cuban actress has a close friendship after working together in The Internship, which has come to pass to ensure that, in any case Ana and Bradley are together.

We do not know if these words of Furiase will put an end to the rumors. What we do know is that, because of this, there have been many who have begun to look to Ana de Armas on the networks and their profile of Instagram have started to have a lot more views than usual.

The photo of Ana Weapons

And the last publication of the interpreter has left many with his mouth open. Among other things, because in it appears with the face shattered. Quiet, nothing has happened. Everything is the fruit of an excellent work of make-up.

In fact, so impressed has been the cuban work of your makeup artist that has chosen to share the photo and the video into their networks. A publication that has obtained neither more nor less than 150.000 likes in less than a day and that has generated comments such as “What scare me I have stuck” or “The makeup artists of the movies is on another level”.

A Ana de Armas that can boast of being the best moment of his career. And, after petarlo in television series, made the jump a while ago to Hollywood where he already has worked on such films as Blade Runner 2049 or the last of the saga James Bond, No time to die.

And eye because, as noted from their environment, as much as your love life is dominating many headlines, its success and its work that has to Ana more busy today. And with good reason. Is living his best moment as an actress.