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While, Michael Rose and Conor Wolf claimed he was lured into watching a movie (FULL DETAILS HERE), which, released in 2019, earned a good $154 million worldwide on an estimated budget of $26 million to $41 million. The aforementioned hoax that led to the film’s release is related to the trailer Yesterday in which it also appeared Ana de Armas however absent from the director’s final cut of the film Danny Boyle (Trainspotting, 28 days later).

According to the Hollywood Reporter:

U.S. District Judge Stephen Wilson ruled on Monday that the plaintiffs could not file the proposed class action lawsuit because they did not rely on the studio’s alleged misrepresentations in deciding whether to see the film.

The “misleading advertising” claim cannot be continued because:

The court ruled that Wolfe, who rented the film for the second time on Google Play, believing that de Ana de Armas might appear in the director’s cut, “has no legal basis” to file a lawsuit, claiming he “injured himself” . In conclusion, Wilson ruled that Wolfe did not watch Yesterday due to a Universal trailer claiming that the actress appears in the film. He also ruled that there is no reason to believe that “the version of Yesterday rented from Google Play will be different from the other edition” viewed for the first time.

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SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter.

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